Android TV Series: Samba Services wants to track your viewing, and you can’t kill it

The latest instalment in life with an Android TV. The picture above says it all. Samba Services is an app on the TV that Sony uses to analyse what you’re viewing so that it could build a marketing profile for ad targeting. You can disable this service like most non-system services in the apps list, and you can also execute the setup of the app and opt out of the tracking.

You would think that if you’ve opted out of the service, and then gone to the apps manager and disabled the service, that would be the end of it… Wrong! You apparently can never stop the app from running. When you disable it, you get an infinite loop of popups as pictured above.

Searching the web, you wind up at a Sony Forums post: Samba Services Manager has stopped . The only way to get rid of the message is to re-enable the service.

Day by day, android TV gets me closer to becoming a believer of the Apple way.

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