A reasonably good, open source Chess GUI

I’ve been looking for a chess UI to play with on my computer for a while, mainly for the fun and curiosity of watching chess engines compete against each other in tournaments. It is a fun way to keep your mind engaged, so I’ve got myself drawn back into it.

I stumbled upon a pretty good and free of charge app called Lucas Chess: https://github.com/lukasmonk/lucaschessR2

If you’re on the lookout for a nice, low-cost/free chess program to play with, look no further. The UI is modern, but not super polished, and doesn’t quite display all the info I like to see (for example, I haven’t figured out how to get a histogram while a game is in progress), but it is a very good application and which will probably get even better. Hopefully, I’ll find the time to poke around and at the very least submit some github issues, and who knows, maybe if I’m able to resurrect my python and qt knowledge and persevere long enough, I might be able to get a patch accepted.

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