Human Centric Vesa Mounts for Dell Monitors

You need to beware that if you’re ordering one from Human Centric directly and shipping it internationally, if your shipping method is Fedex, they will slap on an un-announced fee of (for me it was) £16 for the convenience of paying the ~£0.50 worth of import fees you owe on this £25 item. (This was the case when I placed my order in the second half of 2018).

Basically, I received the item on time, and then a couple of weeks later received an invoice from Fedex for £16. It didn’t feel worth the trouble of mounting a legal challenge against Fedex for this, since I don’t think I ever agreed to this. Furthermore, Human Centric themselves do not make this obvious on their website, and when I left a review mentioning this, it wasn’t published.

Be advised.

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