Brief Review: Sharp 900W Standard Flatbed Microwave R360SLM

Very briefly, it’s a microwave, it works. Flatbed is convenient, and it has rubber suction feet which help keep it firmly planted where you place it, and it looks pretty good. However, using it is frustrating because:

  • The buttons are supposedly touch-sensitive, but require a slightly disconcerting amount of pressure to activate, unless you’re lucky and hit a very tiny special spot on the button.
  • Setting the cooking time is frustratingly tedious because the designers for some reason felt that once you start cooking, the only way to add time should be to cancel the program and start all over again with the newly desired time.

I’m baffled by how it’s possible that the people who bought and use this Microwave could give it such glowing reviews at Argos. I would personally rate it 2 stars for this reason, and I won’t buy it again given the chance.

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