x-cycle: insert a rotating X-Forwarded-For Header

I made a pretty simple chrome extension that allows you to configure a list of IP addresses, as well as a target host and it will insert an X-Forwarded-For header into the requests for the target host, and switch to the next IP in your configured list after about 6 requests.

This was useful to me when testing our a Web Application Firewall.

I have attempted to publish it in the Chrome Store several times, and the experience is just horrible. It gets published, then without reason, it gets taken down until I raise a support ticket. One day later, it gets published again with no explanations or apologies offered, and the cycle repeats again.

If you’re in luck, it may be available in the chrome store here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/x-cycle/bnlmhngacoghehikmhlcmpkbbnjdifca

Otherwise, you can download the latest copy I have hosted on my server: https://nucco.org/files/x-cycle.crx

If you care for this sort of thing, the sha1sum of the current file on my server should be:

c436ae78256a212851ee862e19fe51d08eab0049 *x-cycle.crx


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