Category: hardware

  • Fixed: Dell 4K Monitor Windows Resized and Moved on Wake-Up Windows 10

    If you’re suffering from the problem where after you resume your PC from power saving mode (usually monitors in standby and screen locked), and windows get re-sized and re-positioned in the top left corner (or just where you didn’t put them), you may have found yourself reading Dell’s article¬† and wondering how resolution has anything…

  • Android TV Review By an Actual User

    Android TV Review By an Actual User

    Sony KD-55XE8596 You’re curious what this Android TV thing is and what’s in store for you if you wind up with an Android TV; Read on. You probably know that Android is the Ubiquitous mobile phone OS (Operating System) made by Google. It’s been adapted to fit TVs and some manufacturers are making TVs that…

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