why can’t i sleep easy when there’s a new version of gnome or ubuntu out, that i haven’t laid my hands on?

i’ll try debian out again, since they release less frequently.

that doesn’t mean i wont check out the new ubuntu tho… why did they invent partitioning?



i got my nokia 7200 to play ball with my compaq evo (running ubuntu dapper) via infrared, after a flick with Gnokii, and then gammu (can’t remember url). Gammu finally worked, and i backed up my phonebook to a text file, something i’ve always wished to do (Nokia PC suite on windows used to use some format i didn’t verify, but looked like binary to me, and that defeated the purpose of backing up for me. If it ain’t accessible, it aint a backup!)

if i have more time in the future i’ll investigate the whole mobile phone on linux thingy.

here are the things i did

  • i installed irda-utils (i’m not sure if that is necessary but i did.)
  • installed gnokii (which i couldn’t get to work with my phone
  • compiled and installed gammu, because it isn’t in dapper
  • read the documentation in /usr/local/doc/gammu or /usr/share/doc/gammu
  • copied the sample config file to my home directory, and renamed it to .gammurc
  • uncommented the line that has a comment above it saying “other nokia phones with infrared”
  • edited the line that said port=… to point to my infrared device node (/dev/ttyS1)
  • ran ‘gammu –identify ‘
    in the terminal, and it worked.
  • read the documentation to see the available commands.
  • I suppose gnocky is a gui for this tool, but i haven’t checked. couldn’t compile it due to missing packages on my system.


expanding audience???

(one more person added to my blog watchers, and i now have 100% more viewers!!!)


btw, i should start trying to post more varied things… so you don’t get bored to death with linux, ubuntu, debian stuff…

we’ll see…


i now have a working apt repository for ubuntu dapper. (using reprepro)

my distributions file was

Origin: evon800v

Label: numbeheen

Suite: Ubuntu

Codename: dapper

Architectures: i386

Components: main non-free contrib universe multiverse

Description: packages to reduce having to go to the net

for adding deb files to the repository, i used

 reprepro -Vb . includedeb dapper $i 

in the base directory of the repo

i cooked up a little script on the spot!!! by adapting someone else’s loop!!! this means i’ll take up the task of learning bash scripting very soon. it saved me a lot of repetition (328 packages)



cd /home/fanen/websites/apt

for i in $incoming/*.deb; do
if [ -e $i ]; then
reprepro -Vb . includedeb dapper $i

now all the people using ubuntu courtesy of me, without internet access are gonna have an easier time getting apps.


np: i don’t care – The Roots


local apt repository

currently feeling a lot of pain being unable to set up a local apt repository, so i can share my downloaded programs with other people i convince to use ubuntu…


no documentation seems to be giving me a clue…


using blogtk 1.0 now. wasn’t so pleased with the default settings though. i had to go look for the url for blogger.com’s api…

it’s still a nice app though.

i kinda like the idea of:

np: John Legend – audiotrack 05

i was too lazy to type in the track names when i was ripping the cd. –cddb or freedb or whatever is called is dead unusable when you don’t have net access–this brings me to one little grudge i have with soundjuicer. the 5 or something second wait that you’re forced to endure because it wants to retrieve track names from the net.


ubuntu dapper

upgraded to ubuntu dapper, with yet another borrowed cdrom drive. they fixed many of my previous grievances and it’s looking good to me.

i’m in love with the gnome clock applet. the way it lists my todo items and all…


my declining use of the browser

i’ve noticed how i use a web browser less these days, when i’m online. it all started when i got pop forwarded email, then discovered there were rss feed readers out there (straw). these days, i only open a browser window when i want to view a link i’m reading in someone’s blog post.

or is it just me?

(i use epiphany btw).



normally, i’m a fan of HP (www.hp.com) products, but today (and recently), i had some pretty annoying experiences with one of their printers (deskjet 3745), i don’t know if not being high-end means you experience these kinds of problems, but man… the thing was jamming about 3 times every 10 minutes, printing would just terminate for no reason on several occasions, and you would have to disconnect the device from the mains outlet for a few seconds before it came back on.

that is, i couldn’t print 30 straight pages without one or two rude interruptions.


i feel much better now.


and oh, i discovered a bug? in either cups, or gnome-cups-manager (not sure) today, off to bugzilla to file it.

YOu can view it here: