.ng top-level domain names

My first real brush with the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NIRA) leaves me wishing there were commercial registrars available.

It’s no fault of theirs, they’re just too strict… commercial folks are more likely to bend to the customer’s will (example: don’t require that two nameservers be on separate networks)

fortune: As long as there are entrenched social and political distinctions between sexes, races or classes, there will be forms of science whose main function is to rationalize and legitimize these distinctions. — Elizabeth Fee

unable to login

This weekend, I found out that when you try to login on a GNU/Linux
machine, (I use GNOME) and it appears to be logging in, but then you
suddenly find yourself at the login prompt again, you probably have NO
disk space.

The solution is to find some way to free some space, and then try to
login again. For Ubuntu/Debian, you can reboot into the 'recovery mode'
and then manually delete some files.

The Nigerian Mind of the Future


That’s an article a friend of mine wrote after a debate with me and my room mate.

In describing ourselves, we compare ourselves with an ‘asterisk’. Each one of us is characteristically at one vertex of the asterisk. In other words, we’re not birds of a feather, but we have somehow managed to flock together.

There’s an introvert, an extrovert, and someone in-between; there’s a pessimist, an optimist, and a skeptic. One is hyperactive, one is indecisive, one is often on point etc…

The point is, this comes from differing points of view, and while it ultimately reflects optimism, it argues that a positive outlook is necessary for a brighter future.


fortune: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

back to work

whew! I’m back at layer3 now, after a one-month break. as usual, lots of new challenges await me.

i’m running ubuntu dapper (6.06) now, debian unstable was a wonderful experience, but can be quite disabling for a semi-skilled one such as me, since i was running it on my main machine.