The Naira Sign

Here’s one for those who may find use for this: (hint, its techie).

The Naira sign is the character used to denote currency in Nigeria (Nigeria’s official currency symbol). Use it the same way you use $, for instance.

There are not many keyboards out there that have this character on them, so…

Here is one you can copy, if the device through which you are viewing this page can actually display the character:

Its on the line above this. If you saw it, perfect. copy and paste wherever you want to use it. If you didn’t, you may find use for:

The XML Decimal entity is ₦
In UTF-8, it is represented as 0xE2 0x82 0xA6
In the C (or other) Programming language (when working with UTF-8 encoded text files), you can use \342\202\246 to get this character.

It is worth emphasising if you are using this character, your document should be encoded in UTF-8 or some other format that has support for this character. If you are merely typing in microsoft word or openoffice writer, you don’t need to worry about UTF-8.

Finally, support for actually displaying this character is not widespread as at the time of writing this post, so your mileage may vary, but I do believe that recent versions of popular desktop operating systems can display the character in their core fonts (Linux, Windows 7).

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