Using Glo 3G Packs

In a fit of rage brought about by internet access deprivation, I decided to look a bit closer at Glo’s internet access plans.

To keep this post short and free of my usual gibberish, I found out that Glo has a new access point for using their subscriptions. If you happen to want to use the plan on your phone for instance, you must make sure you use the "gloflat" access point.

Access Point: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

All else is automatically obtained.

If you fail to use this access point, you will be billed at normal rates: ₦0.15 per kilobyte, and you will have outrageous bills at the end of the month, or you will have your call credit vanish into thin air quite fast.

For Linux users, an update in the near future will have this  pre-configured. I’ve already submitted the new configuration information.

Smile and wave guys.

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  1. extrapolating rage in september, and rage in december into "rage everyday" is quite an astonishing achievement 🙂 #justSaying.

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