Its Hard to be Legit

I’m one of those guys who still makes a big deal out of piracy. I hate being labelled as one. This is not to say that I don’t have some music in my library that was ripped from a friend’s CD. It just means that I’ll get the legitimate version whenever I see the option.

So yesterday, I played Need For Speed Undercover on my friend’s PSP. I’ve clocked this game before, I was playing it again just because I love the soundtrack. I couldn’t spend much time playing this game for practical reasons, but then it hit me that if I like the soundtrack so much, I should be able to buy it.

Lucky for me, I was in Abuja, and had access to a 1mbit internet connection. So, what did I do? Fired up my web browser, and typed in, then searched for "need for speed undercover soundtrack". The number one result was the correct one, and I opted to buy the MP3s. It was about 8 US Dollars for the entire album. I add to shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and I am promptly told that "this item is only available to United States residents".

Why on this mother-lovin earth is an MP3 file restricted to only US residents?

In the rage that followed my fish-brained attempts to buy a legitimate copy of Need  For Speed Undercover OST, I blanked my browsers address bar, and typed in a URL I should have typed in the first place.

He he. Don’t ask what the URL was. You can’t prove it.

Random quote: If your mother knew what you’re doing, she’d probably hang her head and cry.

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