The costly side of the bed

This weekend, saturday morning exactly, my glo line was disconnected
from the network.

Upon enquiry, I was told that my usage had exceeded the monthly
allocation. I have done the math, and to consume 2gb of data on a
33kbps line working at peak capacity always, you need to keep the line
saturated for about 6days nonstop.

The line doesn't always work at peak capacity. I'm mostly outside
coverage area. I'm often within coverage area on weekends. On
weekends, poor electricity supply often ensures that i'm not
constantly online.

Worse still, my phone records indicate that i've consumed no more than
800mb over the last 30 days. My Nokia E51 keeps a 30-day rolling
record of all activity on the phone, including duration per call, and
length of data connections and the total data transferred.

At this point, either Nokia's hugely popular software is faulty, or
glo is not entirely transparent in their billing process. They don't
even provide me with a way to monitor my usage, i depend solely on my
phone's records.

This is what i read in my mail this fateful morning.

this is the second company to hurt me in my quest for internet access.
Since it's my word against theirs if i choose the route of
complaining, i won't bother this time. I'll simply cancel the contract
at the end of this billing period, and pick the next company to try.

I'm inclined towards visafone, especially since they say they don't
have monthly data usage caps. Now i only need to raise the money to
get a modem.

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