The Moral of the Story

I spent this weekend in Katsina town, mainly because I wanted to do
some web development, as a desperate measure aimed at working my way
back up the income chain (I am currently treading minimum wage since I
am a 'kofa' as the locals call it. Don't worry if you don't understand

I managed to rent the cheapest room i could find in the outskirts of
town, so i was technically moving in this weekend. Nothing elaborate,
my mattress on the floor, a few square feet of rug beside it, just
enough to relax on during the day.

I need the space so i can do things that require concentration. Anyone
who's ever had to be accomodated by a friend knows the restlessness
that accompanies the constant feeling that your host is fed up with
your presence.

All things settled–my neighbour was even kind enough to feed me on my
first night–i was hopeful of a productive weekend. My peak 33kbps glo
mobile internet seemed inviting. All i needed was electricity. Surely
the situation in katsina town would be much better that the small
village i was from.

Well, to waste no more words than are necessary, sunday has come, i'm
ready to go my village to resume my teaching job on monday, and there
hasn't been much in the way of electricity this weekend. There's no
point going back too early, especially in this hot weather, so i'm
holed up in my room, casually working my way through Tom Clancy's Red
Rabbit, until it's evening and i'm ready to make the short trip to
Mani local goverment. Needless to say, many things are on my mind. The
fact that working freelance isn't entirely feasible in my current
situation, the fact that i need a second job, the fact that i've not
really eaten today 🙂 , and the fact that 29th may was democracy day
in this country. Ah, there was much fan-fare and celebration. Hmmm, my
situation in life has taken quite a turn these last 3 months. Not
quite as bad as you may think, in fact, i fully considered it to be an
adventure that i wanted to face rather than work around… See, we
were celebrating 10 years of democracy in this country, and i wished
for only one thing, nay, two. To have predictable electricity supply,
and to be able to turn on the tap and see some water flow…

With these thoughts on my mind, i heard a small voice. two small
voices. They seemed to be querying if there was anyone around. I
ignored them, thinking it was just kids playing, but one of them
walked to my door and peeped in… Yes, i don't have curtains yet :).
She summoned the other one along and a little girl walked into my room
with a tray in her hands.

'Good afternoon', she said. 'please have some cake, it's my birthday today'.

'Awww, that's so nice. How old are you today?'


'What is your name?'


I don't think i often tell ladies they have a nice name, but this
little girl did, and it was an apt name even.

'Precious, that's very nice of you, happy birthday.'

This little girl has just quadrupled the regard I will have for her
parents (I don't know them yet), and I've made a promise to myself to
get her a really nice present as soon as i can.

Hmmm, that small slice of cake seems to have quelled my hunger… And
electricity has just been restored. I kid you not. I'm going back
'home' anyway, it's too late to do anything this week-end.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you can find upliftment in unexpected events. QED.

See y'all next weekend.

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