Follow-up on pieces of a dream

I have limited net access, as well as battery, so this is a quick note to inform those who were following this series.

I eventually subscribed to Glo’s data services. At the existing prices, for a 24-hour/30-day subscription, Glo charges 29kobo per Megabyte, and Mtn charges 31 kobo per megabyte. Negligible difference, but I find glo’s network more stable and usable.

I managed to make the subscription after visiting Glo’s Abuja office. They require some sort of identification, and they give you a sim card which does not permit voice calls. Not fun, but better than nothing still. It costs ₦7,000 per month for a 2GB cap.

My MTN subscription will expire in a week, and I’ve used less than 3% of its value. My email to NCC’s complaint box has not been responded to in two weeks now, so…

The only problem is that I am in a small town in Katsina state now, and I have to travel 40KM before I can get useful network signal… I try to fill the idle times with books on my phone. Try if you haven’t. The books can be costly, but well, I consider books to be a worthwhile investment whenever I can afford them. I have only ever bought one book though. I scavenge for free books mostly (Sci-fi fiction books by Cory Doctorow are usually free of charge, and of high quality. The books are also sold on Amazon, he makes electronic versions free as a way to market the print version )

Random quote: Drilling for oil is boring.

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  1. I didn’t know MTN collects 31kobo per megabyte, i thought it was 15kobo per kilobyte. Well would’ve loved to try the glo connection but i’m not sure they even have edge in owerri. Even MTN’s connection is very crappy there. My roomie is tryin out starcomms, we only get like 8kb/s max on very good days. Its just annoying. Why cant a company just come and deploy hi-speed internet in Nigeria, there actually heavy users here now and i’m sure they’ll be willing to pay a fee for some quality speed.

  2. Note that the 31kobo per megabyte is the price you pay when you subscribe to MTN’s 24/7 (3GB) plan, which as you know, goes for ₦10,000. The Equivalent Glo plan is 2GB for ₦7000. At this juncture, I realize that my math was wrong after all :). MTN charges ₦3.25 when you subscribe to the 24/7 plan, while glo charges about ₦3.42 for their 24/7 plan.

    Furthermore, Glo has 3G coverage only in Lagos, and do not have Edge anywhere. I prefer Glo to MTN simply because Glo’s network delivers consistent speed (about 48kbps on GPRS), whereas, MTN’s network quality often depends on the toss of a coin. Starcomms in Abuja was reasonably good while I was hooked to it. I assume that you referred to starcomms speed as 8kBps (note the big B), which translates to 64kbps (note the small b), which is reasonably good speed for a CDMA 1x network.

    In my opinion, i think the guys deploying CDMA based networks are on the loosing end of the battle for faster data networks.

    If i were to place my bet on a company that will eventually deliver high-speed, high-quality internet to the Nigerian masses, I’d bet (again) on Glo. Perhaps I am biased, but in my experience, they seem to be the most consistent company among all the Telecom operators currently in Nigeria.

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