Orientation day 1

My first day in katsina state was a bed of roses compared to the second day.

On this tuesday the 3rd day of march, my extremely funny roommates put
on the lights at 3am. They wanted to take their baths and go and start
queuing up for the registration procedure.

Not me. I ignored all attempts to persuade me this was a wise move. In
the end, i woke up at 620am. I was the only person left in that entire
hostel block!

I turned out to be the 397th person on the queue, 100 places behind
the folks who woke up at 3am 🙂

you see, i told myself, since i arrived a day early, i was ahead of
schedule, so there was no need to hurry.

The registration process however, was something else. I was on my feet
in the cold, windy weather from 7am till 10pm when i completed it.
Need i say more about the efficiency of the process?

My only meal of the day was also at 10pm.

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One thought to “Orientation day 1”

  1. What an appropriate process of exposing one to realities of life. Day one,rosy, day two, a twist.Be assured it will continue to become more arduos.But sooner or later you get adopted and the story changes.

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