NYSC Orientation

I just got to katsina state in northern Nigeria for that mandatory
semi-military thing nigerians have to do when we graduate from

This is my first time here, and i was surprised i got quite a warm
welcome. Myself and a former colleague in school came together. We saw
a group of guys wearing the service uniforms and decided to ask them
how to get to the camp, and surprise surprise, they were actually
there to welcome us newcomers.

They brought us to the camp venue, helped us check in and gave us useful tips.

I should have brought bedsheets and a pillow. That's the only thing i
don't feel like buying from the vendors over here. Nearly everything
else one needs can be bought here for about twice the normal price đŸ™‚

stay tuned…

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  1. Interesting, hope the orientation camp wasn't too stressful. There's a new batch that will be leaving soon. You could drop by nysctalk.com to give some advice and helpful tips from your experience

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