Camp day 8

The lecture we had on this day was about entrepreneurship. We were
given various tips on how to write a good business plan, resumé, and
various strategies for seeking jobs. We were also told about the
various things put in place to assist people who are willing to become

We had one motivational speaker come talk to us about how we can still
be something despite weak grades in school. Fine and dandy. Many
people believed him. For some, this was the first encouragement they
had got since leaving school. For me, i always knew this, i was more
concerned about the next step.

Back in the hostel, many people spun stories based on today's
lectures, some were naive, some were sensible. I think the worst were
the pompous: folks who felt they already knew all this. I always try
to check myself on this point. I knew most of what he was saying, but
more important, i believe, was the fact that i knew that this
knowledge in itself was worthless. It matters more what i do with this
knowledge, and only time will tell. So, i urge myself to always try to
make the best use of the knowledge i have, while acquiring more. This
is not as simple as it looks…

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