Camp day 5

We weren't woken up at 4am as was usual here. Another good thing about
this day was the fact that we would have about 5 hours of freedom to
leave the camp if we wished.

I didn't know anyone in this town, but i had a friend, a former
colleague of mine, whose brother stays in town. We went out together,
stopped at an ATM So i could get some cash, then we went to the
friend's brother's house.

Ate fried rice and chicken, drank some fruit juice, and watched a
movie "The Score". We got back to camp on the brink of time, and the
rest of the day was spent washing clothes and chit-chatting.

For some reason, i'm getting bored of this camp. Perhaps it's because
i don't have much access to the things i love doing (computers, tech
magazines, internet, music)… I try to remind myself that staying in
high spirits is actually my choice, and as we were told in man o' war
training, i have no option but to be happy.

We played soccer in the evening. Everyone who cared to. Tomorrow, we
shall have a lecture about HIV/AIDS. I am reasonably educated about
it, and well aware of the damage it is doing to my society. I hope i
don't make stupid mistakes… Once again, i get a positive feeling
about the ideal behind this orientation programme.

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