Camp day 5: the welcome party

Today i had to remind myself that keeping a journal wasn't easy.

The day began with the morning meditation, and we had quite a number
of speakers address us afterwards on topics which were then promptly
forgotten. The only thing which everyone looked forward to, yet no one
expected much from was the welcome party. It would be the first real
opportunity we would have to interact in a less formal and purposeful
setting, but the party wouldn't be exciting. For one, there would be
no intoxicating drink, and secondly, it will take place in a crowded
hall, and no food would be served. Everyone wondered how the
organisers would manage to make it engaging.

Since we were allowed to dress as we pleased, "without revealing too
much statistics", everyone took part. There was music, and some
restrained dancing. Well, i'm not such a fan of these wildly erotic
dances that go on at parties, but i have to admit i like the
atmosphere they create… Hey, i'm a young man :).

For the most part, we acted responsibly. Another round of applause to
the state coordinator for trusting us to do the right thing.

I did meet a lady from my tribe at this party, so it wasn't so boring
for me. One thing to look forward to on this night was the fact that
we won't have to wake up at 4am tomorrow.

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