NYSC Camp day 4

We have the lecture today. It felt just like school. It was held in a
theatre that wasn’t well adapted to giving and recieving lectures,
which lacked a practical public address system, was crowded, and did
not contain enough seats… It was a disaster. Can’t really blame the
camp officials, they could only make use of what they got.

This disastrous sequence continued into our afternoon parade. Some
hard-headed and unreasonable fellas picked up the habit of imitating
the parade commander’s funny accent whenever he gave a command, and he
got quite annoyed. We were cautioned strongly and threatened with
punishment but it still took more criticism of our colleagues on our
part for them to desist. I recall telling one guy who kept insisting
that he is hard-wired to have fun that he was simply asserting that he
was an idiot. I guess he wasn’t such an idiot after all, because this
seemed to strike a chord in his cranium, and he adjusted as if to
prove me wrong…

Subsequently, the parades felt like torture. We kept practicing the
moves we thought we won’t be needing again until our left thighs hurt
from being stamped on the ground in performing the “attention!”

It finally came to an end, and we all retired to the dining. I did
come out for a stroll later, in order to confirm for myself the rumors
that NYSC orientation camp is usually full of illicit sexual
activity… Much like i expected, this was wildly untrue. I believe i
can confidently say that most people just make up stories of what they
did in camp, or what happens in camp. Yes, a certain level of flirting
goes on, but this is just like a university campus. Maybe this is just
Katsina state camp that is this calm, and maybe this will all change
in the coming days, but it doesn’t look at all likely. We shall see.

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