Camp day 3

Day 3 was the swearing in ceremony. Today, it became clear that all
the parades we've been performing were in preparation for the this
ceremony. The state governor and chief judge were present to witness
and administer the oaths we took respectively.

We were on our feet for about 5 hours cumulatively. Not easy, but it
came to an end eventually. Lots of pictures were taken by cameramen
one couldn't really identify, despite their colourful markings, but we
will get the pictures one way or the other.

We were also divided into 'platoons' today via a simple logical
process based on the last digit of your registration number. My number
is 401, so i belong to platoon 1. Sufficiently random, but still
skewed with more guys than ladies in my platoon. I guess this
represents the general camp population, but i think some platoons are

In the platoons, further divisions are made. Some folks will start
assisting in the kitchen from tomorrow, others will become sportsmen
and women, others will be entertainers. There will be inter-platoon
competitions covering nearly all activities.

Every platoon has a make and a female leader, chosen freely by the
members. Most platoons choose the most energetic and belligerent
people they can find. My platoon got a rather funny looking dude, and
a cooly attractive lady who was a bit reluctant at first, but who rose
up to the challenge quickly, lending credence to my intuition one it's
mostly a matter of the mind (willingness) for anyone of average
intelligence. I hope the do well.

The food queues were rather long today, but i stayed put, reminding
myself that it's better to "pimp" my ration, than to skip it entirely
in favour of a meal at the local market.

Tomorrow, we shall start doing exercises and attending lectures. The
first lecture in line is about the history and culture of Katsina
state. I Look forward to it…

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