Camp, day 2

We've started doing what they call "parade" in earnest. Not fun, but
as the officials are fond of saying, you do what you are told.

We got a formal welcome address by the State NYSC coordinator. He's
quite a good orator, and does quite a good job of explaining the
philosophy behind this programme. My senses are in agreement with the
ideals, and it is good to know that the camp officials believe in it
as well. I actually get a positive feeling about the programme. If
nigeria's leaders are able to come up with such good plans which show
profound reasoning, why do we still have so many issues in this
country? Indeed, i know the answer: how many people listening to this
same speech can be swayed by such ideals?

We are also informed that a committee is being set-up to ensure that
prices in the camp market are equivalent to those obtainable elsewhere
in katsina town. Applause for thoughtfulness.

We are given the opportunity to ask questions, and unsurprisingly,
some folks have nothing reasonable to say. The officials are quick to
let us know the extent of sensibility expected of us.

Today, i also eat three meals from the camp kitchen. We had tea and
bread for breakfast, rice for lunch and beans for dinner. The cooking
is not half as bad as i thought it would be.

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