Camp day 10

The main point about this day was the lecture. A manager at the
central bank of nigeria, together with a few folks from some
commercial banks operating in nigeria came to educate us on the
opportunities available for funding businesses we might conceive
during our service year. This was one of the interesting and engaging
lectures. At the end of the lecture however, the lecturer threw in a
care-free "praise the lord", and this became a big deal amongst those

In my opinion, this was a harmless statement. The man was introduced
to us as a reverend, so this was not out of place. Secondly, he did
not expect us to respond. I believe he just wanted to lighten the

I still bang my head against the wall trying to figure out why we
derive joy arguing about overly simplistic things such as this. This
was not a statement worth making a fuss over, yet many people insisted
that better was expected from a man of his stature, since he was
addressing a multi-religious audience. Another moot point. That
statement is not strictly tied to any religion. Furthermore, it falls
into a class of statements i call "rallying statements", at least in
this situation. Such statements serve only to draw attention to the
speaker. I did get a fair amount of flak for arguing in favour of the
lecturer, but well, i'm sure the sensible folks agreed with me.

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