Bluetooth DUN with Linux

If you need to connect to the Internet using your phone, and wish to avoid wires, then bluetooth is the way to go usually (although there is a slick but rather costly application for Symbian devices: JoikuSpot that can accomplish the same objective for devices with WLAN), and until recently, it hasn’t been the simplest thing to do on a Linux machine.

Well, now, you can use Blueman. It worked for me in THREE CLICKS! (Ok, i didn’t count, but you get it.) I almost thought it didn’t work, but then, I checked network-manager, and the mobile connections associated with my Nokia E51 were listed there.


  1. Right-click the Bluetooth Icon in your GNOME Panel. This assumes you’ve previously set-up Blueman. YOu can find help on doing that here:
  2. Select the device you wish to use as a Modem, or bond to it, and set it to authorized for convenience.
  3. Click on "Setup This Device" from the toolbar. It’s the icon with the spanner in it.
  4. Follow the one step wizard :)
  5. Click on Network-Manager to see your Mobile connections listed, or add some mobile connections to Network-Manager and browse till infinity and beyond… (subject to your mobile operator charges, of course :))… (oh, and your battery life)… (and any other thing that can prevent you from reaching infinity) LOL.

Repeat Step 3 to 5 whenever you wish to do the magic bluetooth browsing dance.


Random quote: "Engineering without management is art." — Jeff Johnson

3 thoughts to “Bluetooth DUN with Linux”

  1. But the connection is'n persistent and you have to repeat the steps 3 to 5 when you reboot. It's irritating. Some solution for this?

  2. Err Anonymous???? How do you expect your bluetooth connection to remain when you reboot?

    You only need to pair once, subsequent times, you only need to connect to your phone. How can it get better than that?

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