Receiving files via bluetooth on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

This is another one of those things which should just work, but well, here goes.

You need to install the package "gnome-bluetooth", and then run the application "bluetooth file sharing" from System>Accessories before your system can receive files sent to it via bluetooth.


Update: 30 Jan 2009
To send files via bluetooth on Ubuntu Intrepid seems to require bonding with the device if you wish to simply right-click a file in the file manager and select “send to”. Sending through the bluetooth applet however seems to work fine.

To bond a bluetooth device, simply right-click the bluetooth icon in your panel and select “Setup new device”. The process works quite flawlessly in this version of ubuntu. Bigbrovar reminded me about the absence of this information.

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5 thoughts to “Receiving files via bluetooth on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (8.10)”

  1. thanks mate .. just to add to make the gnome-bluetooth start up with every boot just add it to your start up session to do this go to /system/preference/session add and paste Bluetooth File Sharing in name paste gnome-obex-server in command and anything u feel like in description

  2. it just works great! thanks dude..
    just one thing, when i send a file from my cellphone, ubuntu always ask for acceptance. but my friends and i wanted to make a server for cellphone file sharing, so we needed ubuntu to accept any file from any bluetooth device without confirmation. how can we do that? thanks before dude…

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