The third generation rocks!

I read on MTN’s site a good while back about their GPRS bundles but all my attempts to subscribe were futile, even while I had in excess of 800 Naira in my account.

If you’ve been following this blog, you would realise that I have compared both MTN and Glo’s data plans and services in the past, and most of the times I was rather complaining about how limiting and ultimately not very useful their offerings were.

Well, that is hopefully in the past now. Yesterday, my friend told me about how he subscribed to an MTN data plan that allowed 50MB of transfers per day, and I went Oh, they’ve started it? How much. I was rather impressed when he said it cost N500 for the daily bundle, and N2,500 for the monthly, night-hour bundle with a 2GB limit.

The limits are rather annoying, and there is no way as of this moment, to purchase higher bandwidth caps, but this is a good start. Considering that Glo doesn’t do 3G in Nigeria’s capital (Abuja) yet, and doesn’t even seem to have any data plans in the pipeline, I have got myself a new MTN SIM card, and I am sending this blog post through a 2.4 mBps pipe (my Nokia E51)…


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