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There has been an interesting turn of events. I discovered after a bit of trial and error recently that I could make Network-Manager 0.7 detect my Nokia 6300 and provide integration of the GPRS Modem which this phone *is* with my other network devices. (See Screenshot). This required some rather simple changes to a file in the package “hal-info”.

I mentioned that fact in the comments here, which led me to file a bug in Ubuntu, and submit a patch that incorporates my “fix”.

Looks like the “fix” is quite likely to make it into the next version of Ubuntu, the Intrepid Ibex, and is already in a PPA for Ubuntu Hardy. I’m excited. The “fix” makes it possible to add support for quite a large number of GSM Phones which work as Modems when they are connected to a PC. This of course depends on if people with other phones test, and incorporate their specific phones’ USB Product IDs… You need to be a bit comfortable with Linux to be able to do that, but if you’re not, you can at least post your phone’s USB Product ID and Vendor Id here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkManager/Hardware/3G .

To obtain that information, just run “lsusb” in a terminal, while your phone is connected to the PC via USB cable in the appropriate mode.

Stay tuned.

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