ubuntu feisty disappoints me

after waiting nearly two months, i finally got the cds i ordered at
Shipit. That's ok though, the real problem was when i tried to boot the
live cd. everything looked like it was going fine, but the xserver
failed to start, making the disc useless to me.

at work this morning, i googled for it, and found out the livecd is
unusable on the hp nx9420 laptop. this is rather disappointing because
6.06 worked fine, 6.10 worked (but wireless didn't work, thus i didn't
use it, I switched to debian) and now 7.04 which i was hoping would
solve all problems associated with the recent hardware failed woefully.
the only option left now is to download the alternate install cd and
hope that the resulting system will be usable. My internet is neither
fast nor regular, and my brother who i managed to convince to use linux
is eagerly waiting, cos i promised him ubuntu would solve the problems
he was having, patience is running thin. This is bad. it isn't even
working in qemu for me. now i have to find a way to get him to upgrade
to debian sid, and live without ati proprietary drivers, cos they fail
to build with module-assistant!!!

he's just bearing with me, cos he's not had fun experiences with windows
either. viruses made the system unusable after about a month of use, we
thought it was a hardware problem, sent it to hp, they formatted it, and
told us it was a software problem, then didn't return our recovery cds,
and asked us to buy new recovery cds. he was really pissed, and asked me
to install linux for him instead… and he's experience isn't getting
any better!!!

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