fun weekend (Abuja, Nigeria)

This weekend was quite a busy one (by my standards).

Friday ended with a nice sponsored meal (ha ha) at a local hotel straight after work.

Saturday morning was a brief visit to the supermarket, and breakfast, then movie watching at home.

At 2pm, we (me, my uncle, his wife, and little baby) set off for the Metropolitan park where there was a small party for one of my nieces (another uncle’s daughter). Not surprisingly, I was the dj, being the only one around with sufficient music, and skill at setting up a hi-fi system. I didn’t do too badly in that regard, and we left the park with my favourite tunes ringing in my ears.

Sunday morning was the regular, but at noon, we (me and my two uncles from yesterday) were already planning to go to the National Stadium to watch Nigeria v Ghana (U-23 Olympics qualifier). It was quite a struggle to get inside, but the match was well worth it. It’s a beautiful stadium, and watching matches live! is quite an experience! (I love putting ‘!’ in front of ‘live’ depending on what meaning i’m trying to convey). Nigeria won 3-2, not a very comfortable victory, but a victory still… I wished my 5 month old Samsung s600 camera was still working (no support centre to fix it).

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