rhythmbox 0.10

i'm using debian sid now. it's not so unstable after all, although there
are quite a number of challenges (like getting the properietary ATI
drivers to install and work).

One of the fun things about it though, is that i'm rocking Gnome 2.18
(which is sweet) and i have rhythmbox 0.10.

Proper tag editing has finally made it into rhythmbox. I love it.

I also tried adding my recent tracks to my blog (from http://last.fm)
but its flash. i don't like it, i don't even have a flash player
installed, and i've not positioned the widget properly on the blog. i
just may remove it soonish.

i picked up a cvs book (Open source web development with cvs) so i can
use cvs. i practically have to keep a book beside me whenever i need to
do something with cvs (i'm new though). I chose cvs because its been
around long. When i get the hang of it, i'll look at subversion

now playing: go by Moby from 'Ibiza: the history of house (disc 2)'

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