another Os

i’m using debian etch now, and the only thing not working is 3d acceleration on my new ati x1600 (as well as battery status)… i switched because ubuntu edgy became sort of unstable after about a month of use: programs started taking like 2 minutes to start while system monitor showed no system activity, and i wanted to test Decaf:

i’m enjoying it. next move would probably to do a second install on another partition and see how unstable debian sid really is 🙂

i could have used a warning

one would think that an expensive phone such as this would …whatever. but i took the battery out, and some of my text messages vanished into thin air. well, to think that i use text messages to keep notes, since the phone wisely doesn’t have a note taking feature.

this is leaving out several other gripes, like *very* poor text entry (for instance, you can’t modify a word in ‘dictionary’ mode once you’ve left it, you have to delete it and type it again) or maybe i just don’t know the kinks yet, but

sometimes, gifts suck.

somebody help me.

dictionary mode

i don’t know how phone makers rank words in their ‘dictionary’ mode of text entry, but it would hurt my pride a lot if i found out that ‘sacred’ is more commonly typed in text messages than ‘scared’.