i now have a top ten track list courtesy of… was feeling (as usual) bored waiting for ubuntu edgy to download, so i decides to peeps into my user profile. the usual blab about some tracks not being properly tagged, and i see my rhythmbox submitted tracks. i’m feelin fresh observing my own music listenin habits, and noticing that they’re not as accurate as i think… i guess too much skipping around causes inconsistencies.

so i now see this ‘add to your blog’ link, and i follows it. next i know, i’m given some html code that i can paste in myspace.. oh well, it doesn’t seem to contain any magic in it, so i guess i can integrate it into blogger. off we go, after 3 failed login attempts, they remind me of my username… (chuckles) and i types my password and i’m in editing my template. i know just where to paste it since i’m fluent in html and css blah blah…

and now, i have a gif that shows my top ten when you look at my blog. (the links section)

another excuse for you to observe my weird music listening habits.

sincerely yours.

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