i got my nokia 7200 to play ball with my compaq evo (running ubuntu dapper) via infrared, after a flick with Gnokii, and then gammu (can’t remember url). Gammu finally worked, and i backed up my phonebook to a text file, something i’ve always wished to do (Nokia PC suite on windows used to use some format i didn’t verify, but looked like binary to me, and that defeated the purpose of backing up for me. If it ain’t accessible, it aint a backup!)

if i have more time in the future i’ll investigate the whole mobile phone on linux thingy.

here are the things i did

  • i installed irda-utils (i’m not sure if that is necessary but i did.)
  • installed gnokii (which i couldn’t get to work with my phone
  • compiled and installed gammu, because it isn’t in dapper
  • read the documentation in /usr/local/doc/gammu or /usr/share/doc/gammu
  • copied the sample config file to my home directory, and renamed it to .gammurc
  • uncommented the line that has a comment above it saying “other nokia phones with infrared”
  • edited the line that said port=… to point to my infrared device node (/dev/ttyS1)
  • ran ‘gammu –identify ‘
    in the terminal, and it worked.
  • read the documentation to see the available commands.
  • I suppose gnocky is a gui for this tool, but i haven’t checked. couldn’t compile it due to missing packages on my system.


expanding audience???

(one more person added to my blog watchers, and i now have 100% more viewers!!!)


btw, i should start trying to post more varied things… so you don’t get bored to death with linux, ubuntu, debian stuff…

we’ll see…


i now have a working apt repository for ubuntu dapper. (using reprepro)

my distributions file was

Origin: evon800v

Label: numbeheen

Suite: Ubuntu

Codename: dapper

Architectures: i386

Components: main non-free contrib universe multiverse

Description: packages to reduce having to go to the net

for adding deb files to the repository, i used

 reprepro -Vb . includedeb dapper $i 

in the base directory of the repo

i cooked up a little script on the spot!!! by adapting someone else’s loop!!! this means i’ll take up the task of learning bash scripting very soon. it saved me a lot of repetition (328 packages)



cd /home/fanen/websites/apt

for i in $incoming/*.deb; do
if [ -e $i ]; then
reprepro -Vb . includedeb dapper $i

now all the people using ubuntu courtesy of me, without internet access are gonna have an easier time getting apps.


np: i don’t care – The Roots


local apt repository

currently feeling a lot of pain being unable to set up a local apt repository, so i can share my downloaded programs with other people i convince to use ubuntu…


no documentation seems to be giving me a clue…


using blogtk 1.0 now. wasn’t so pleased with the default settings though. i had to go look for the url for blogger.com’s api…

it’s still a nice app though.

i kinda like the idea of:

np: John Legend – audiotrack 05

i was too lazy to type in the track names when i was ripping the cd. –cddb or freedb or whatever is called is dead unusable when you don’t have net access–this brings me to one little grudge i have with soundjuicer. the 5 or something second wait that you’re forced to endure because it wants to retrieve track names from the net.