ubuntu dapper

upgraded to ubuntu dapper, with yet another borrowed cdrom drive. they fixed many of my previous grievances and it’s looking good to me.

i’m in love with the gnome clock applet. the way it lists my todo items and all…


my declining use of the browser

i’ve noticed how i use a web browser less these days, when i’m online. it all started when i got pop forwarded email, then discovered there were rss feed readers out there (straw). these days, i only open a browser window when i want to view a link i’m reading in someone’s blog post.

or is it just me?

(i use epiphany btw).



normally, i’m a fan of HP (www.hp.com) products, but today (and recently), i had some pretty annoying experiences with one of their printers (deskjet 3745), i don’t know if not being high-end means you experience these kinds of problems, but man… the thing was jamming about 3 times every 10 minutes, printing would just terminate for no reason on several occasions, and you would have to disconnect the device from the mains outlet for a few seconds before it came back on.

that is, i couldn’t print 30 straight pages without one or two rude interruptions.


i feel much better now.


and oh, i discovered a bug? in either cups, or gnome-cups-manager (not sure) today, off to bugzilla to file it.

YOu can view it here: