it’s always interesting to watch big elections approach. the mood suddenly becomes one of such anticipation and avidness, regardless of the fact that winning is just a probability. the politicians always present themselves as saints with nothing but the good at heart, and manage to convince people that there’s nothing out there that can deter them, if they get that seat.
if you’ve ever been out with a group of friends, and ended up having one drink more than you should, (trivial, but) then you know how easy it is to be swung off your principles — ha ha, (this doesn’t mean you cease to believe in them) you just suspend them for a while. The same principle probably applies to why people sin, over and over again (and blame it on humanity–being human).
after a long enough while, talles you look back with a certain kind of feeling, not too far from nostalgia, and not exactly guilt –i mean, even my bosom buddies wholesale nba jerseys of old now call me “sir”, i don’t know, but it seems like there’s something in me, that these people just can’t do without. They need me, i’m a gift to them, they can tolerate my flaws.

On the other hand, cheap nba jerseys it’s quite intimidating to consider what difference your vote, 1 cheap nba jerseys in business 70,000,000 (assume half the estimated population can vote) can make… wow, perhaps i can squander it on the candidate with the best sounding name? or should i cast a random vote?

Look around you. the only way to stay sane, and comfortable is to be wealthy, and around here (as if it’s much more different anywhere else), you’ve just got to get involved with the government; politicking intro is the summit. How then are you sure that one is being genuinely altruistic in his promises? wholesale mlb jerseys Optimistic people will keep an eye out for that little chance of improvement and try to make a wise choice, with their fraction cheap mlb jerseys of a activation quota (vote), and hope fervently that rigging is not done, and that the successful Map, candidate is surrounded by friends who will remind him to not take that extra drink.

… a few good men is all we ask–we’ve always asked.
but how much can they do? when surrounded by a pool (society) of unscrupulous entities, who know quite well what is desirable, but won’t quite make the commitment towards it?

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