activation failed!

over the past Contact 2 years, i’ve slowly made the “natural” transition from windows to GNU/Linux as my level of skill with the computer increased, but i’m all too aware of the little pains which linux can give, especially when your box isn’t connected to the internet.

i’ve Portraits been using winxp and many linuxes from fedora core 1 to 4 thru debian, and ubuntu, dual booted until recently. i Family needed to do a clean install, give linux the bigger share of the hard drive:

so i look for a usb cd drive, cos the inbuilt one on my pediatria ageing compaq evo is dead, then i slot that red compaq operating system cd… i’m hoping it’s gonna work, cos i lost track of how many times i’ve used that intro cd. in my prime, i could do as many as 3 complete clean installs in a month.

i go through cheap jerseys the painful process of installing, giving Miami Dolphins Jerseys windows a 4Gig chunk of my 18gig hdd, then it boots, and asks me to activate. i wholesale jerseys oblige,

“it looks like your product key is invalid”… yeah, i knew it.

where’s my ubuntu cd again? there you are…

in goes, press enter… chose XFS filesystem for the sake of it. i’ve been using ext3 for too long…

well to cut a long story short, i’m running ubuntu, gnome 2.12… and i haven’t quite missed windows yet…

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